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Project Outsourcing

Are you a Small IT Department?
Do you have an upcoming project you need some help with?

Here are some of our Solutions:

Server Setup& Staging

  • Windows OS Setup
  • Patch Deployment
  • Active Directory User Setup
  • Printer Deployment
  • Group Policy Creation
  • File Sharing
  • Folder Redirection
  • and More...

Monitoring & Anti-Virus

Alleviate the headache of the day to day tasks that distract you.
We can help automate things like Patching and Virus detection.
Our Anti-Virus Solution is backed by a full team who can respond to threats quickly. They can even assist with recovery if ransomware manages to sneak through.

Backup & Disaster Recovery


Speaking of your data protected should it strike? What would you do if your companies valuable data were being held hostage? Pay the ransom and hope they are honest enough to give it back?
There is a better way. Sleep soundly again knowing your data is protected from everthing from ransomware to natural disasters. We would be happy to work with your IT Department on implementing a BDR system.
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