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It is more than just a product, it is a process and requires a layered approach to be most effective.


Do you lock your office? Of course you do!


But what is getting in through the internet?

Did you lock the door but leave the window open?

A firewall is like locking your door. A misconfigured firewall is like leaving the window open anyways.

A managed firewall is like a security system. 

We work with teams of security professionals to provide a managed firewall solution to help keep you as secure as possible.


It is estimated that 72% of Breaches and 94% of malware comes through Phishing emails! Don't get caught!

There are simple solutions that can drastically reduce the amount of Phishing emails that make it to your account.

We have solutions that can help, contact us to find out more.


Anti- Virus & Breach Detection

Not all Anti-virus are created equal. Standard Anti-Virus has to wait for infections to happen before it can try to stop it. That is why we recommend Next Gen Anti-Virus. Because it uses AI it does not have to rely on outdated definitions to identify threats. 

What if something still gets in? Our Security approach includes Breach Detection software backed by a team of specialists that  help to hunt, discover and remediate threats that make it in.

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