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On Fire


Tornado, Flood, Fire.


Most of your Business assest are insured. Backups are the insurance policy for your Data.


If a disaster destroys your Data will your company survive?

On Fire

Hardware Failures

What happens to your data when your computer crashes?


With a good backup solution the answer is nothing major.


But without one...

On Fire


Crypto-ware is out there and destroys businesses. If your data is held for ransom what can you do?

With a good backup solution the answer is restore it and move on. But without one you could be forced to pay the ransom and hope the theives are honest enough to fulfill their promises. 

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Why Do You Need Backups?

Easy, Stuff Happens!

Disaster Recovery

Is Your Data Safe?

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The Reality

"60 Percent of Small Businesses Fold Within 6 Months of a Cyber Attack."

"Many business owners don’t realize they are at risk. Many think they are protected, only to find out the hard way that they were far more exposed than they thought. Even more think, 'well gosh, that will never happen to me.'

Little did they know."

"29% of midmarket companies say breaches cost them less than $100K. 20% say it costs $1,000,000-$2,499,999"

Data Loss Reality
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